Our Environment

Our classroom environment is a cozy warm learning atmosphere with a curriculum that is developmentally appropriate to the specific ages of the children in our care.


 Early Learning & Development

Here at The Children’s Club House, we believe…

Through intense professional development training of our staff, and the combination of an OCDEL approved curriculum, tools and resources used in the program, “The Children’s Club House” has been a great success since it has opened in September 2015.


Student Lessons, Observation & Assessments Include:

1.Abeka Christian Homeschool Curriculum

2.High Scope Curriculum / COR Advantage  Observation & Assessment Tool

3.Growing Up Wild Curriculum (Used Outside)

4.Ages & Stages Development Questionnaire (Developmental Screening Tool)

5.Lesson Plans Created Using-Pennsylvania State Learning Standards

Understanding the parent is the child’s first and most important teacher, every effort is made to help the family educate the child. This program has an important role in shaping the social, emotional, and intellectual development of young children. The intent of this program is to provide enriching, enjoyable, and meaningful activities that nurture young children.

Parental Engagement