Ms. Karla N. Gray, Director

Dear Club House Family,


Hello, and welcome to the exciting world of preschool! My name is Ms. Karla Gray, and I am so excited to serve as your School Director/Owner. The next few months are sure to be busy as we work to rebuild, explore, and grow together. It is my true desire to assure that all students and staff are safe at all times, and treated with kindness, respect and compassion.

It is also my desire to present the best preschool program possible, in order to address the most appropriate level of development for each child, and to help assure the continuation of a positive happy experience here at the center.

I have had a great amount of prior experience with a large amount of families and organizations throughout Philadelphia, Chester City, Delaware and the surrounding Tri-State area. Mount Pleasant CDC Nursery & Preschool, Chester Community Charter School (East & West Campus) as well as the Infamous Kollective Talent Foundation, Inc. just to name a few. I am a proud native of Twin Oaks, PA, and I have 6 godchildren Shai (22), Giovanni (14), Lilliana (14) Giada (8), Giuliana (3), and Summayah (1) whom I love dearly, and spend a lot of time with.

I would like to encourage you to contact me whenever you have questions and/or concerns about your child or the program. Please be sure to make sure that all of your child’s emergency contact information is  ALWAYS kept current!

Credentials and Certifications 


Bachelor’s Degree Edinboro University of Pennsylvania 2002

Major Elementary Education, Minor: African American Studies

Commonwealth of PA Private School Certification

Pennsylvania Director’s Credential


Awards and Recognition

Ebony Excellence Award Winner of 1998 

All-American Collegiate Leadership Award Winner of 1998

Celebration of Excellence Award Recipient of 1999

Edinboro University Dean’s List 1999-2002 

Delaware County Community College Dean's List 2014-2015

Elected to Edinboro University Programming Board 1999

 National Collegiate Minority Leadership Award Winner of 2000

 Served on the Student Government Association Congress 1998-2002

 Certificate of Recognition from The Edinboro Association of Faculty/Staff of Color 2002

 Certificate of Recognition from Mount Pleasant Nursery School & Kindergarten 2005, 2009-2012

Founder & Director of The Kollective Talent Foundation, Inc. Dance & Mentoring Program 2005 - 2020 

Recognition of Community Leadership From The Nia Center of Chester 2011

Recognition of Outstanding Leadership to Youth From State Representative Thaddeus

Letter of Recognition of Service from First Lady Michelle Obama in 2011

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